Microsoft UAG 2010 Web Monitor All Events displays Message ID 108 Every Minute

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After applying Microsoft UAG 2010 SP2 released couple of month ago I noticed that the UAG Web Monitor All Events Message ID 108 is repeated all the way and almost every minute as shown below.

After discussing this issue with Microsoft Escalation Team, it turned that its a known issue after UAG SP2 related to group memberships. Microsoft is aware of this issue and they have a private fix for this specific problem. After applying this fix, I didn't encounter this warning again.

I would recommend anyone having this warning to open a case with Microsoft to get this fix, this case shouldn't be counted since its a known bug.


Fearchen Says:

Hi Ahmed

I´ve got the same problem. Do you know which things are updated with your patch/fix?

I would like to fix it manually.



Port Sys Says:

Thanks for sharing this info. Actually i am facing same problem from last couple of days. I am using Microsoft UAG 2010 SP2. UAG monitor events message ID 108 is repeated all the way. Tell me what should i do.

Ahmed Nabil Says:

This issue is fixed now with UAG SP3. Please go ahead and install UAG SP3 and later install SP3 roll up update.

I published few articles on UAG SP3 that you may want to check.

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