DNS64 Not Healthy after Applying UAG SP2

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For those who missed the latest news on UAG, Microsoft released UAG SP2 early this month. For what is new in Microsoft UAG SP2 please check the following link:



To Download Microsoft UAG SP2, please follow this link:


Everything went fine while downloading and updating UAG server with the latest SP2, After reboot i noticed that the DNS64 shows Not healthy under the DirectAccess Monitor/Current Status. This is the same behavior that i faced while installing update 1 Rollup 1 early this year and the workaround to fix it was to disable/enable Direct Access from the UAG 2010 console. For detailed steps please check my earlier link:


Windows 8 and Server 2012 RTM available for Software Assurance Customers

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Yesterday August 16, 2012 Windows 8 and Server 2012 RTM versions became available for all Software Assurance Customers

Windows 8 for volume License and Software Assurance Customers

Everyone is talking about Windows 8 and how it will change the world again with the new Microsoft Ecosystem and Cloud support. I would encourage everyone to get their hands on the new Windows 8 and start testing the new features and enhancements promised by Microsoft.

Windows 8 New Features:


Windows 8 different milestones and release dates for different programs: